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Shenzhen Xinmei Display Products Co.,LTD.
ADD:A Nantong State Building, 9th Floor, high-tech industrial park Guanlan, Longhua District of Great Head Road,Shenzhen City,China
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澳门大阳城娱乐4488.comShenzhen Xinmei Display Products Co., LTD. Is a design, manufacture various types of plexiglass (acrylic, acrylic) products factory. Major equipment: diamond polishing machine, water mill, a large fire polishing machine, cloth wheel polishing machine, laser engraving machine, large CNC, injection molding machine, sparks machines, grinders, milling machines, drilling machines, tablet presses, cutting machine, trimming machine, hanging gongs, sandblasting machine, drilling machine, printer, screen printing machine, tipping machine, pressing machine, oven, ...
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